It’s the REEL Deal- “Boys in the Trees Watching Adelaide’s Latest Movie”

Ever felt like you have watched something that left such a strange impact on you where you feel that it was made specifically for you in terms of the story, style, and scenery, and it inspires you to a point where you feel that a movie of that stature could be made under your own hands? Well, if you haven’t, just pretend to as I recount yet another story that fits that criteria from the faithful era of December 2016, or more specifically, Thursday the 8th, when I saw a very different screening of Boys in the Trees.

I still remember the first time I saw the trailer of Boys in the Trees, it was when I spontaneously decided to go and see Don’t Breathe in the theatre and ran into a couple of friends of mine. As we waited in anticipation for what would be quite a grotesque, but a well-made thriller, we jolted and turned to each other in confusion and excitement seeing our local skatepark, that’s not even 10 minutes from my house, light up on the big screen attached to a new Australian movie. So, when I would discuss Boys in the Trees with friends, it eventually circulated as “The one with our skatepark in it”. In fact, I don’t even though if half the people even knew what the title of the movie was.

To say the least, I was actually quite looking forward to seeing the movie as it looked interesting with its very slick look that seemed very akin to the classic coming of age stories gone by. Plus, it would be the first time that I would get to see not only little o’ Adelaide having its five seconds of fame, but a set piece that is not even that far away from me. I had to know if anything else from the area was in the movie. Would they at one point go to my local shopping centre? Would they have a kick of the footy on my primary school’s oval? Why this very specific part of Adelaide?

So, when the movie finally arrived for a limited two-week run in my local theatre… I missed out on the opportunity due to exams, so my questions were not answered.  So, I thought I would wait for the inevitable DVD/ internet release.

However, a more exciting opportunity arrived…

On the film’s Facebook page, I saw that they were doing a one-night screening at a theatre in the city with a Q&A with the film’s writer/ director, Nicholas Verso. So, my best mate and I hoped on a train/ bus trip to the city, with a pit stop to Hungary Jack’s for dinner, finally getting to see “The one with the skatepark” in a theatre neither one of us had ever heard of.

As we went in the theatre, Adelaide Studios, we found that things were slightly different to what we expected. It wasn’t exactly teens/ young adults, it was a group of adults properly dressed up in fancy suits as we rocked up in flannel jackets and jeans. To say we stuck out like a sore thumb was an understatement. A minor detail that we overlooked when looking at this event was that it was sponsored by the Australian Writer’s Guild, an organisation that was made up of people who are involved in the film industry in Australia one way or another. So, a film buff/ considering to do filmmaking in the distant future like me was pretty much like a kid in a lolly store. As we all waited in the lobby, my friend sat on a couch drinking complimentary wine as I conversed with people who are involved in Aussie movies. Awesome.

Once we finally got to watch the movie, it created a weird feeling for me. Not in a bad way, far from it, the movie was pretty damn solid, but it marinated a feeling inside that I really needed at that time. Hope. Watching a film that had Aussie teenagers caught in the limbo between high school and the real world, all of the sudden, my worries and troubles at the time washed away and made me feel that everything would work out in the end. It motivated me to continue my Port Douglas video, I wanted to finish a couple of scripts I started writing, it may not be much for most, but it made me feel that anything was possible.


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