It’s the REEL Deal- “Snowden Brought a New Theatre to My Attention”


I’ve always found the different formats of watching a movie to be an interesting experiment of creating a unique cinema experience. Of course, the idea of seeing it on a massive screen with nicer seats in the Vmax or Gold Class showings, or even going as far as the 3D option, really doesn’t add much to the viewing experience as when you really think about it, you are essentially paying more money for the same movie, just on a bigger screen.

That being said, I do quite like seeing a movie in a Vmax screening from time to time as normally the big action blockbusters from Marvel are quite complimentary on a bigger screen (Where’s my check, Disney?!). However, never really been that keen on 3D as most of the time, its a piss poor excuse for studios to charge more money so that they can increase their box office sales (Cheers for that, Avatar). I’ll even go as far as saying that Gold Class is just as pointless, never been in one, but from what I’ve heard, its the same type of widescreen as Vmax, you just have access to food and liquor that you have to spend more money on. Seriously, come on guys! It’s bad enough to pay close to $20 for a ticket, then you have to pay $10+ for your bloody popcorn and drinks. It’s ridiculous.

Anyway, back to the point. Once again, I have a little story that kind of ties into the “Ultimate” viewing experience that I was taking about as I got to have a Gold Class type of screening that did not warrant spending much money. In fact, not a single cent was taken out that night, aside from the metro card for the train ride.

On the 16th of September, 2016, I received another perk of being an avid movie watcher, a chance to see a free preview screening of Snowden. To which I was quite positive about as it seemed like an interesting and relevant subject matter, the cast was pretty solid and it was helmed by legendary director Oliver Stone. However, this wasn’t at my trusty local theatre this time. In fact, it wasn’t even in a theatre that I had heard of. The big reason being is that, well, it hadn’t opened yet. Yeah, this was a chance to go to an opening night of a theatre in the big city of Adelaide.  So, with my trusty partner in movie watching when friends can’t make it, my father, we hopped on a train to see the opening of a new movie in a new theatre… on a Wednesday night… where an assignment was due the next day. It’s always funny looking back on memories and how often things like that happen.

Now, my dear reader, I’ve been to plenty of preview screenings, but this was unlike any other. To this day, I still distinctly remember the crowded lobby filled with people wearing their fancy suits and dresses, photographers and news crews going around talking to individual groups in the crowd. You’d almost think that the grand opening would feature celebrities based on all the press that was there. But, in an M Night. Shyamalan type of twist, WE were the celebrities as they treated us like royalty with… the wonderful food.

Yes, there were employees walking around with platters offering complimentary food filled with doughnuts, sliders, drinks, a box of popcorn and water to have while seeing a Vmax screening of the flick, it was the whole nine yards. Quite a luxurious time, to say the least. It was times like these where I was happy to be a frantic cinema customer as I certainly would not have had an experience quite like that. Well also saw a movie also. Just putting it out there. From what I remember, it was fine.

So yeah, it’s a bit of a step up from the Eddie the Eagle experience, but I always have an appreciation for each scenario. But still, no need for Gold Class for me, baby, I don’t need to spend extra money for an overpriced cinema experience, I got it all for free. Take that! Nah, the people over at Event Cinemas/ GU Filmhouse are alright.

If you are a current resident in Adelaide or if you are in the South Australia area, I’d highly recommend going to the GU Filmhouse on Hindley Street, quite a swanky place with high-quality cinemas. Been there two other times for my 18th where my mates and I saw Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and when a friend and I saw Power Rangers, where surprisingly, we WEREN’T the only one’s in the theatre.


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