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Concept & Overview of Website

The concept of Frame by Frame Illusions revolves around movies, as the title is a play on how they are a series of images that are strung together to create the illusion of movement. This is both in a literal sense as it revolved around the subject matter and how most people interpret them as a quick illusion to pass the time. It is my intention to convince the user to look past that barrier of illusion through my content.

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REVIEW-SPECTIVE DOUBLE FEATURE: John Wick (2014) + John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)


That’s right, folks, rather than give you ONE review of a recent action movie, why not give you TWO reviews of a couple of recent action movies for the price of one! Goodness, I’m spoiling you! I thought it’d be good to take a look at both John Wick movies in the John Wick-verse… I guess as with the announcement of a third movie, spoilers for the second movie in a way, this edition of REVIEW-SPECTIVE will be a celebration of some of the better action movies that have come in recent memory.

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It’s the REEL Deal- “Snowden Brought a New Theatre to My Attention”


I’ve always found the different formats of watching a movie to be an interesting experiment of creating a unique cinema experience. Of course, the idea of seeing it on a massive screen with nicer seats in the Vmax or Gold Class showings, or even going as far as the 3D option, really doesn’t add much to the viewing experience as when you really think about it, you are essentially paying more money for the same movie, just on a bigger screen.

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It’s the REEL Deal- “Eddie the Eagle Flew By and Gave Me a Free Screening”

Eddie 2.JPG
I feel that I should mention, dear reader, that I love to go to the movies. A lot. Which is probably obvious due to my insistence on creating an entire website dedicated to my “Passion”. Now you may be asking yourself “How does this guy find the time and the money to see these movies? They’re like $17 for a student ticket!” Short answer: I am a professional bargain bin hunter. Long answer: Keep reading.

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It’s the REEL Deal- “Boys in the Trees Watching Adelaide’s Latest Movie”
Ever felt like you have watched something that left such a strange impact on you where you feel that it was made specifically for you in terms of the story, style, and scenery, and it inspires you to a point where you feel that a movie of that stature could be made under your own hands? Well, if you haven’t, just pretend to as I recount yet another story that fits that criteria from the faithful era of December 2016, or more specifically, Thursday the 8th, when I saw a very different screening of Boys in the Trees.

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Welcome to my Website!

Frame By Frame Illusions comes from the idea of how movies or TV shows are known for being a series of images (or frames) that are put together at a speed to create the illusion of movement in the development process. The general consensus is that movies are just a disposable 2 hour illusion that can be watched in the theatre, or at home stolen off the internet. Well, here on FBFI, I attempt to destroy that illusion by showcasing my fascinations of dissecting film from an analytical standpoint and hopefully making you, the viewer, more immersed as well.

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